January 2017

The City of Pickering starts planning for a new City Centre.

June 2020

The project is paused due to COVID-19 restrictions and economic uncertainty.

March 2022

Pickering Council receives a significant update related to the long-term financial and economic impacts of the project and decides to defer all work pending further review.

Factors include high-inflation environment – costs for routine service delivery and construction/building activity has increased significantly.

September 2022

The City retains KPMG and Hariri Pontarini Architects to complete a review of the project and present new options for consideration based on cost estimates and financial implications.

March 2023

Pickering Council is presented with three different options for a new project design and transaction structure, and selects its preferred concept.

July → August 2023

Community engagement. Members of the public are invited to review Council’s preferred concept and provide input on the proposed features and amenities.

September 01 → October 31 2023

KPMG, informed by input from the community, will develop a business case with updated designs, financial model, and recommendations on preferred partnership and governance structures for the City Centre concept.

February 01 2024

Council will be presented with the opportunity to approve the recommendation for preferred concept and approve proceeding to procurement and finding the right development partner.